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Household Use Detergent bottle blow molding moulding Machine

STBII-5L series is suitable to produce 1-5L plastic bottles,yoghurt bottles, detergent bottles,household bottles,shampoo bottles,jerry can bottles,lubricate cans,milk/yogurt bottles,food pack containers,chemical bottles,household bottles and other plastic jars....in single cav.,double cav.,three die-head cav.and four die-head cav.This blow molding moulding Machine is available for material PP PE HDPE LDPE PVC,PETG...
  • STBII-5L


  • 84774010

  • Extrusion blow moulding machine

  • Mitsubishi PLC

  • Siemens

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • 70mm

  • Yuken

  • MOOG

  • 110kg/hr

  • 4.1x2.6x2.7m

Household Use Detergent bottle blow molding moulding Machine

1. Suitable products
1~5L PE, HDPE, PP bottles
Applications: milk/ yogurt bottles, food pack containers, plastic jars, chemical bottles, cosmetic bottles, lubricant oil bottles, household bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, oil bottles...
2. Station
The machine is double station single head, cycle time 19s,
per hour can make 190pcs bottles, and per day can make 4560pcs bottles,
If customers do not need this much production, we also have single station single head machine, per day it can make 3600pcs.
( our engineers will make complete solutions according to customers bottle and capacity demands.)

3. Die head
This machine is using single die head to make 3~5L bottles,
However, the die head can also be changed to double die head, triple die head and 4 head to be able to make other smaller size bottles.

Single die head   (3~5L)
Double die head (1~2L)
Triple die head  (0~750ml)
Four die head  (0~500ml)
Six die head  (0~150ml)

Changing the die head system takes around 1.5~3h, this also included heating time.

4.Mould - Aluminium 7075# inserted beryllium copper or 4Cr13 stainless material
the best blow molding mould material, aluminium mould has good cooling, and beryllium copper is very durable as well.
4Cr13 moul materal is good strength an with longlife time ue. 

5.Parison control system is a program to change the parison thickness,As the plastic is extruded from the die head,the programming can:
1. Reduce the plastic used
2. Improved wall thickness distribution
3. Reduce cooling time

Do we have to use MOOG parison system? 
No, We also have many customers they do not use MOOG parison control system, as on our machine's die head, we also can manually adjust the die gaps, from which it can also control the thickness and weight of bottles.
MOOG is more precision, and more easy to do the adjust. It also depends on your ending customer demands and markets.
But for some special designed blow molding items & accumulation type blow molding machines,
MOOG is indispensable, it has to use MOOG.




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