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55gallon 200L HDPE Plastic Drum Blow Molding Machine

160L-250L HDPE drum barrel extrusion blow molding machine
Product Available: jerry Can, water tank,Plastic Chair etc.
Max. product volume: 250L
Plastic material: HDPE, LDPE, PP
Head No.: single,
Multi-extrusion layer possible: 1 layer
Auxiliary equipments: blow mould, mixer, vacuum auto-loader, mixer, dryer, crusher, water & fans chiller, air compressor, conveyor system for deflashing parts, conveyor system for finished product delivery, leakage tester…
  • SNBL-250A

  • Sino-Tech

  • 84774010

Product features Of plastic drum blow molding machine:
1.Automatic blow molding machine,can be designed as per your requirement ,can produce the machine for 1layer to4 layers product.Specially designed multilayer accumulator die head, can adjust the thickness of each layer freely as per need,also layer clearly clearly and evenly.
2.Siemens touth screen and PLC control system,man-machine interface,process set to change,retrieval,monitoring,trouble shooting,are all finished on the touch screen,User-frieney design,to make your job easier.
3.Plasticizing system: screw with forced feeding,separation type structure,to ensure plasticizing effect, increase productivity,and hard gear reducer with stepless frequency control,make scew speed stable,efficient and reliable.
4.Saves time and effort when replacing the mold,die head with upper machine platform can lift simultaneously,clanping system can be whole removed adjustly,replacement of the mold is safe and convenient.

parameter of HDPE Extrusion blow molding machine

System Specification SNBL-250A
Extruder Screw diameter(mm) 120
Screw L/D 25/28
motor (KW) 110
Gear box hard surface
Melting capacity (KG/Hour) 250
Accumulator Accumulator (KG) 15
Push cylinder (mm) D300 xL285
Thickness cylinder (mm) D300xL40
Die-core pin size (mm) D100-300
Mould Clamping Clamping Plate size (mm) H1100*L1100
Clamping plate distance(mm) 800-1800
Clamping Force (KN) 600
Mould size Max. (mm) W900 x H1200
Mould thickness (mm) 750-1000
Power Extruder motors (kw) 110
Hydraulic motors (kw) 37
Extruder heaters (kw) 25
Accumulator heaters (kw) 20
Overall load (kw) 200
Average consumpution (kw) 130
Matierial and Product Material HDPE/HMHDPE
Scrap rate of material around 25%
Product range (L) 50-230
Blow air pressure (mpa) 0.35-0.5
Machine size and Weight Machine dimension (m) L7.0x W4.0xH 3.5
Machine weight (ton) 20

1 Parision MOOG JAPAN
4 Servo Valve & Servo Transducer MIRAN ITLAY
6 Hydaulic Oil Seal DS TAIWAN
7 Intermediate Realy OMRON JAPAN
8 Pneumatic Valve AIRTECH TAIWAN
9 Hydraulic Pump & Valve YUKEN JAPAN
10 Pneumatic Switch & Contactor SEIMENS GERMANY
11 Hydraulic Motor & SACREW Motor SEIMENS GERMANY
12 Reducer GUOMAO CHI





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