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30-120L Hdpe plastic drum&barrel extrusion blow molding moulding machine

30-120L Hdpe plastic drum&barrel extrusion blow molding moulding machine
Product Available: jerry Can, water tank,Plastic Chair etc.
Max. product volume:120L
Plastic material: HDPE, LDPE, PP
Head No.: single,
Auxiliary equipments: blow mould, mixer, vacuum auto-loader, mixer, dryer, crusher, water & fans chiller, air compressor, conveyor system for deflashing parts, conveyor system for finished product delivery, leakage tester…
Product Description
*PLC+touch screen: making the operation easy. Automatic malfunction alarm with self-diagnosis,
making the malfunction clear at a glance.
*Accumulator die head: Accumulator die head whose runner is made by high-quality mitrede alloy steel with morrorsurface treatment, material and color quick reload.
*Unique “liner guide”: Unique “liner guide” to the clamping structure to ensure mold-lock uniform, knit line smoother.
*Energy-saving hydraulic principles: Hydraulic system designed under energy
  • STB-120L

  • Sino-Tech

  • 84774010

Item Code Item Standard Code Manual Note
Extruder Max. Capacity 30-120L Accumulator, single station

Main screw Φ90mm High efficiency of mixing

Screw L/D  28: 1

Screw material

Max. Extruder consumption 130~160KG/Hr Take HDPE for example, change with material density

Twisting transition method  Electrical machinery, Gear box, Leather belt transmission Hard gear surface decelerator

Driving motor 45KW

Screw rotate speed 10---70V/min

Ahead/back adjusting Yes

Up/down adjusting Yes

Temperature control zone 5 Japan MTSIUBISHI

Heating power 3φ7.3KW

Cooling for blower  5

Cooling function Yes Cooling water 
Clamping unit   Structure
With patented TONGDA two-bar timing clamping structure in high speed and high force, to achieve quality products

Clamping directions Ball rail For high precise location for longer service life.

Clamping speed 600mm/sce;

Max. Mold dimension 700*950mm W*H

Mold opening stroke 450~1000 mm

Platen distance 450~1000 mm Min.~Max.

Clamping force 260 KN

Mould thickness scope 260~400 mm

Fixing pattern of mold Mold press platen

Mold opening/closing stroke control Inducing switch+moving Discriminate mold opening/ closing end, mold opening/ closing slow speed, 

Light Electric
safety protect
FRDTEK Taiwan 
Die head Form Accumulator First in, first out

38CrMoALA, inner mirror treatment

Accumulator volume  6.6L

Die dimension size Φ60~ 350mm Min.~Max.

Heating method
Stainless steel heating ring,    precision+ 1%

Temperature control zone 4

Blow-air Yes

Adjusting of parison thickness Yes MOOG 100-point

Injecting stroke control
Accumulator electronic ruler + limit switch

Adjusting method of thickness Inner mold adjusting

Adjusting output at axial direction + 2.5mm

Injecting pressure 75~140mm TongDa 10-point pressure adjusting control 

Max. Injecting speed 1.6kg/sec Not sure
Top blowing Blow-air control method
Discriminate high/low blow-air
Side blowing Blow-air control method
Discriminate high/low blow-air
Bottom blowing Blow pin stroke control Inducing switch Discriminate blow pin up/down end 

 Blow-air control method
Discriminate high/low blow-air

Blow pin cooling function Cooling water 1-in 1-out cooling system

Blow pin supporting material  Yes Changeable

Adjusting of blow pin position
Ahead/back, left/right, up/down adjusting
Mechanical hand Running method FESTO Germany 

Direction control Ball rail High precise and speed
Electric system Temperature control PID control MITUSBISH

Load protection

Movement control MITUSBISH PLC

Operation interface Human-machine interface HITACHTaiwan 

Time setting Touch screen

Oil pressure system Main motor 30KW

Main oil pump DENISON American 

Movement control method Proportion pressure control 0~999

Direction control

Max. Pressure 160kg/cm2

Air pressure system Direction control AIRTEC Taiwan 

Pressure control Separated

Max. Pressure 8kg/cm, 1.1m3/min All air pipes are connected by PU pipe
Other material Lubrication way

Oil pressure cooling
Cooling effect is achieved by oil pressure cooling 

Mold cooling
Separated cooling water resource, use 5-in 5-out fix (single side) 

Gear box, hopper place, die dimension cooling
Use separated cooling water circuit, insure cooling effect

Overall dimension  L*W*H 5000*2400*3800mm

Weight TON 14.0T





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