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Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets Injection Molding Machine

SINO-TECH injection molding machine is designed for plastic dustbin, chairs, car bump pallet etc. It is with demoulding linkage which shorten the plastic parts cycle time. Machines with high speed, stable performance and it is energy-saving. Our customers can get higher production with same labor and cost.
  • ST-750


  • 8474809090

  • 110mm

  • 121g/s

  • 440L/min

  • 2050mm

  • 1025mm

  • 83.8kW

  • 132.8kw

Injection detail1
We use a new generation of upgraded high-performance injection molding machines:
01-Opening Stroke
Increased by up to 15%
02-Ejector stroke
Increased by up to 20%
03-Mould thickness
Increased by up to 15%
04-Max. Daylight
Increased by up to 55%
05-Ejector Force
Increased by up to 40%
The injection molding machine uses Sellll upgraded components to achieve additional durability through an optimized clamping structure, a new and optimized injection unit design to meet various production needs, and uses an efficient and stable servo hydraulic system and high-performance European B&R control system.

01-30% higher energy saving than using traditional variable pump
02-Stable and smooth movement supported by AC servo motor
03-Effective reduction of energy consumption due to reduced oil and cooling water attained by hydraulic system
04-High performance European B&R control system

Item Unit 750SElll
Screw diameter mm 90 100 110
Theoretical shot volume cc 2990 3691 4467
Shot weight (PS) g 2691 3322 4020
Shot weight (PS) oz 95 117 142
Length/Diameter ratio L/D 22.6 20.0 18.0
Injection pressure MPa 212 171 142
Injection rate cm⊃3;/sec 572 706 854
Plasticizing capacity(PS) G/s 73 90 121
Injection stroke mm 470
Max. Screw speed rpm 124
Injection unit force Ton 19.8
Carriage stroke mm 600
Clamping force Ton 750
Max. daylight mm 2050
Clamping stroke mm 1025
Distance btwn. Tie bars mm 1000*1000
Min mould dimension mm 700*700
Mould thickness range mm 350-1025
Ejector force Ton 25
Ejector stroke mm 350
No. of ejector pins unit 21
Max. motor power kW 83.8
System pressure MPa 17
Hydraulic pump capacity L/min 440
No. of heater zones unit 5+1
Heater input power kW 50
Ultimate capacity kw 132.8
Current A 161.4
Net weight Ton 39.1
Oil filling capacity L 1500






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