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PVC edge banding Extruder making machine

Main application:
1.Edge banding, skin packing of furniture and office accommodation.
2.Good plastification
3.High tension
4.Precision control
5,High production
6.Can replace PVC calendered sheet.
  • SJZ51/105

  • Sino-Tech

  • 84772090

PVC edge band Extrusion Making Machine

Description of PVC edge band extrusion production line:
1.This machine With PLC Control system in the production line, reliable and stable performance.
2.The down stream equipment includes water cooling unit, haul-off unit, cutting machine and winder.
3.The cooling unit including calibration cooling unit and water coooling unit
4.The hall-off unit is roller style. The lower one is fixed and the upper one can be adjusted according to the plate size.
5.The cutting machine can be manual or automatic
6.The winder is for winding edge band like 100m/roller or 200m/roller

Process Flow of PVC edge banding machine:
Raw material +wood power+ additive → mixing → conical twin-screw extruder → edge band extrusion mould → cool molding die → water cooling → belt haul-off → cutter → Windng → finished product inspecting & packing

Raw materials for pvc edge band making machine:
PVC + calcium + other additives.  
PVC high chemical stability,panels can be used for a long time. 

Technical information PVC edge banding making machine:
Parts No. Name Brand
1 Screw and barrel 1 Design German design
2 Main materials 38CrMoALA
3 Screw heating Silicon oil heating
4 Barrel heater Cast aluminum heater
5 Barrel has vacuum exhausting system

2 Driving parts 1 Main motor Siemens Brand

2 Gear box Top brand in China

3 Electric parts 1 Inverter ABB brand
2 Contactor Schneider brand
3 Relay Schneider brand
4 Breaker Delixi brand
5 Temperature meter RKC brand
6 Hauling motor Densen brand
7 Hauling gear box Hard surface gear box
8 Vacuum pump Yvhuang brand
9 Water pump Yvhuang brand
10 Cutting motor Siemens brand
11 PLC Schneider brand

4 Mechanical parts We use CNC machines to ensure the precision of our mechanical parts

5 Protection system We have a whole set of protection system for our machines, such as:
1 Current overload protection
2 Torque overload protection
3 Oil path blocking alarm
4 Vacuum overload alarm, and so on.
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