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what is PVC and WPC profile extrusion

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PVC profile is widly used in our profile, like the PVC window and door profile in our house, PVC ceiling and wall panel in the construction. pvc edge band in furniture decoration. PVC sealing strip in car door.In these year, the WPC profile also develops too much. mian pvc WPC and pe WPC.  they use the recycled material for save the cost. Here we main discuss the profile extrusion.

Profile extrusion is extrusion of a shaped product that can be a variety of configurations but does not include sheet or film products. Profile extrusion can include solid forms as well as hollow forms. Products ranging from tubing to window frames to vehicle door seals are manufactured this way and considered profile extrusion.

To process hollow shapes a pin or mandrel is utilized inside the die to form the hollow sections. Multiple hollow sections require multiple pins. To create these hollows a source of air is required to allow the center of the product to maintain shape and not collapse in a vacuum. Usually an air source will be utilized to keep the correct airflow in the cavity.

If two or more materials are required to make a product, the co-extrusion process is used. For example, a white drinking straw that has 2 colors of stripes on it, requires a total of 3 extruders.  Each extruder feeds a different material or variation of the same material into a central co-extrusion die.

Die tooling is also play important role for the profile calibration. application specific and can be a simple metal plate with a hole in it for the material to flow through, or a sophisticated multiple components affair designed for advanced flow characteristics and precision sizing. Dies are mounted either to the main extruder directly with the co-extruders connecting into it, or the die is on a floor stand with extruders piped to it. The Die tooling is oriented in one of two directions is relation to the main extruder. The directions are "inline" and "crosshead". The inline process utilizes a flow that follows the extruder direction and the die is connected with flow in the process direction. The crosshead process utilizes a flow that is at an angle to the flow of the extruder. For profile extrusion this would be at a ninety degree angle to the flow. (Crosshead processes are required for any product requiring a component to be inserted into the extrudate for coating. Such as wire, pul-truded products, etc.

For the cooling method. now the mainly The part must be cooled to maintain the desired shape. This equipment falls into a few sub categories. Some processes require minimal impact to work. Others require extensive interaction at this stage to achieve the desired product. Cooling/sizing equipment  falls into a few types:Air Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling and Vacuum Sizing

After this process, it is the haul-off unit and automatic cutting system. to show it in a simple drawing flow. it is like the following
Material----Heating cooling mixer-----Material feeding-----Conical Twin Screw Extruder----Extrusion Mould&Calibrator-----Vacuum Calibration Table----Printer-----Haul-off Unit-----Cutter-----Stacker




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