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How to reduce the cable material PVC granule cost

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As a filler, CaCO3 has a drop in the PVC cable pellets Low formulation costs, in the PVC compound from the role of incremental reinforcement; At the same time with the role of adsorption ions to reduce the PVC system in the conductive The free dissociation of the ions, thus increasing the volume resistivity of the product Edge performance) at the same time, but also improve the heat resistance of cable material aging performance, Thermal deformation and mechanical properties, and to improve PVC cable pellets Extrusion process performance and payout performance. Particularly obvious is the filler CaCO3 dosage and low temperature impact embrittlement, elongation, quality loss And other properties are closely linked. The results of the experimental data of the two sets of recipes in Table 3 were tested To analyze, the physical and chemical properties of PVC cable pellets reached the national level Standard (GB8815- 88). The results of the analysis are: (1) with the increase in the amount of filler CaCO3, its mechanical properties (Tensile strength) has a certain increase, soft performance degradation, volume resistance The rate of increase, the loss of quality, low temperature impact embrittlement performance indicators drop. (2) plus ordinary type CaCO3 PVC cable pellets products and The addition of CaCO3 to the activated PVC product compared to its Quality loss, heat stability time, volume resistivity are small, low temperature Impact embrittlement performance is poor. But from the cost of the formula, the angle of economic benefits Degree of comprehensive consideration, in the PVC cable pellet production can still be used Common type CaCO3. From the processing performance, process and pay off the performance point of view, plus ordinary CaCO3 PVC cable pellets in the processing process, processing technology The temperature parameter is about 5 ℃ high, the extrusion pressure is too large, excellent temperature resistance Different, mixed, slightly longer plastic molding, plasticization mechanism obvious, the cost of more low. But with the addition of activated CaCO3 PVC cable pellet products Compared to its melt flow slightly worse, viscosity is too large. In general, join Common CaCO3 and active CaCO3 the same formula to produce PVC Cable material products, in the extrusion granulation and pay off the performance of a certain difference. When the amount of ordinary CaCO3 in 20 to 38 copies, to be properly adjusted The whole lubricant and add appropriate amount of stearic acid and a little activator, at the same time Strict control of CaCO3 particle size. From the composition of the two groups of formulations, in other raw materials plant Home, the amount of batch number of the same circumstances, adjust the ordinary CaCO3, live The amount of CaCO3 and the amount of the same amount (that is, the same formula) of the situation Conditions, PVC cable pellet products physical and chemical properties can reach GB 8815- 88 standard, but the resulting economic benefits are significantly different. 2. conclustion (1) as long as the formula design is reasonable, you can use quality to meet the requirements Of the ordinary CaCO3 instead of active CaCO3 for PVC cable material in. (2) because the price of ordinary CaCO3 is much lower than the price of activated calcium carbonate, it will be used for the production of cable material, can reduce the cable material Of the production cost




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